KENJI • ケンジ

Kenji is a 21 year old girl-crazy hapless loser who works as a clerk at PORKBUNS bakeshop. Although he’s been rejected more times than anyone can remember, he still continues on his seemingly never-ending quest for love in hopes of finding the girl of his dreams. Since he’s apparently still undergoing the late stages of puberty, his mind spends most of the time in the gutter, but he’s really a good kid beneath his dorky exterior, and will do anything for his friends.


YUUKA • ユ-カ

Yuuka, the voluptuous beauty, is to porkbuns, what ‘Cookie Monster’ is to cookies, ‘Scooby Doo’ is to scooby snacks, and ‘Barney’ is to beer. She is PORKBUNS’ #1 customer and besides being unbelievably well-endowed, she has an enormous appetite for steamed porkbuns – her favourite! She has an innocent, carefree quality and seems to secretly possess a mysterious telepathic ability at times. Yuuka spends most of her day frequenting the shop and keeping Kenji on his toes.


ELENA • エレナ

Elena is the jr. manager at PORKBUNS and Kenji’s supervisor. She was a star athlete in high school and was destined for greatness until an unfortunate accident ended her dreams early. She is a hard, dedicated worker, but sometimes her fiery personality gets in the way of reasonable thinking. Although Elena appears to despise Kenji (especially his naughty behavior) and enjoy bossing him around, deep down she secretly admires him… though she would probably never admit it.

Mr. Itoh

MR. ITOH • イト

Mr. Itoh is the grumpy balding owner of PORKBUNS, who started his ‘steamy’ venture in the early ’80s, originally as a joint bakery/vhs rental shop. With the advent of the internet however, sales of adult videos sharply declined, and he was forced to axe that part of the shop and concentrate on selling baked goods only. When it comes to business, Mr. Itoh is ruthless, greedy and selfish, but that could be because he’s failed at everything else in life, including love.


MIYABI • ミヤビ

Miyabi is the head baker and longest active employee at PORKBUNS. Although she is small in stature, she is a workhorse and spends all day in the back kitchen producing freshly baked treats. She has a nice, pleasant personality, but generally quiet. Due to the obvious hidden interest Mr. Itoh has in her, Miyabi has a lot of influence in the decision making around the shop. Because of that, Kenji and Elena tend to go to her with ideas, whenever the boss is in a bad mood.


NIKUMAN • ニクマン

Nikuman (Natural Input Command Unit) is a unique voice operated robot at PORKBUNS. After the company computer was destroyed by Kenji in a fit of rage, the internal parts were salvaged and outfitted in synthetic rubber, shaped in the form of a pig. The pigbot was able to do basic tasks such as take customer orders and play mp3s, but later upgraded to do more advanced physical errands such as chopping vegetables, taking out the garbage, and being able to fly.


EIMI • エイミ

Eimi is a software engineer student with a penchant for all things chic and nerdy. She has been Kenji’s closest friend since grade school and has seen him thru all his good times and bad. Whenever Kenji’s not working, the two are usually together goofing around. Although fairly petite, she is a bit of a tomboy, and gets teased a fair amount due to her receding bust line. Despite that, she remains largely feminine and highly attractive – the centre of many stalkers’ and cybergeeks’ hearts.



Dojunosuke (also known as DJ) was Kenji’s mentor back in high school and often gave him ‘player’ tips on how to score with members of the opposite sex. Dojunosuke dropped out of school due to undisclosed reasons, (rumour has it, he had an affair with the principal,) and has since been bouncing from job to job. Although Eimi has a tiny crush on him, Dojunosuke’s heart is currently set on Elena, however she sees him as nothing more than a ‘lazy, obnoxious douchebag’.



Mitsuko is the gorgeous heir to the famous Yamada Soybean fortune. She is a national celebrity, appearing in the drink’s TV commercials and billboard ads across the country. She and Kenji dated briefly in high school (initially out of pity) but broke up with him after deciding he was ‘nothing more than a pig’. Even though Kenji has had many tiny crushes since then, his heart still yearns deeply for Mitsuko and he constantly dreams of the day their ‘eyes’ will cross paths again.


P19 • P十九

P19 is an extremely sophisticated prototype pigbot rumoured to have been developed by a mysterious intelligence agency to infiltrate PORKBUNS, and steal classified information such as passwords, customer data and of course top secret recipes. PROTOTYPE-19 is constructed with the highest grade of home kitchen and military parts but as it is still an incomplete design, P19 has been known from time to time to malfunction, causing either havoc or hilarity wherever it goes.

Lotta Hamm

LOTTA HAMM • ロッタ ハム

Lotta Hamm (aka Lotta Luv) is a plus size adult actress Kenji met in an online chatroom. The two scheduled a date thru the internet, but was ultimately cancelled after Kenji met her in person and despite her provocative line of work, was repulsed by her appearance. In a future strip, Lotta wins the World Twerking Championship for Team Porkbuns after joining them when Yuuka is forced to pull out. This causes Kenji to change his tune on Lotta, resulting in them becoming friends.


Cemetery Groundskeeper GIUSEPPE • ジウセッペ

Giuseppe is a caretaker at the town cemetery. He has been described as a creepy old lech (or as Yuuka would say, a ‘perbert‘) and known to spook visitors with his indecent brand of humour. Rumour has it, in his youth, he was the poster boy for Italian cinema and set to star in his own major video game back in the 80’s. But upon news of an incident involving lewd behaviour, the gig went to his younger brothers instead, who left the plumbling family business for ‘super’ fame and fortune.

Penny & Nichol

PENNY & NICHOL • ペニー & ニコ

Penny & Nichol are a pair of peasant children from the local orphanage who Yuuka calls her ‘little friends‘. Although they aren’t siblings, Penny acts as an older sister for Nichol. They both grew up in impoverished conditions and abandoned by their parents at an early age. Despite being poor, they love frequenting PORKBUNS to the dislike of Mr. Itoh who sees them as ‘little leechers’. Thankfully, Yuuka always makes sure they are treated with love & care every time they visit the shop.

Tinh Man

TINH MAN • チン マン

Tinh Man is a bubbly Vietnamese girl who works at Pho Q’s noodle shop. In an attempt to befriend her, Kenji learns of Tinh Man’s business aspirations and love of bread making. Kenji is unsuccessful at convincing Mr. Itoh to add one of her specialties, Banh Mi, to the PORKBUNS store menu – until Mr. Itoh meets her in person and has an abrupt change of mind. Her delicious contribution is credited to being one of the first to help PORKBUNS expand into international flavours.

Madchen & Fraulein

MADCHEN & FRAULEIN • メチン & フロイライン

Madchen & Fraulein are a couple of audacious entrepreneurs known as the Hamburgirls. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, these buxom beauties open a sausage shop across from PORKBUNS after Beefbuns was forced to close due to neighbourhood complaints. They sell a wide variety of European wieners, their most popular being a naughty 3 incher (diameter!!!) sausage known as ‘The Brat’. Their cheeky menu and bawdy marketing end up inciting a Pork War with you guessed it…

Porkbuns™ is not just about food. It’s about family and friends! Below you will find special RL patrons who have contributed graciously to our mission!


BAO ○ バオ

Bao is (literally) a starving artist who occasionally drops by PORKBUNS to unwind. Years ago, he was commissioned to re-design the company logo in exchange for a single slice of mooncake. He is a bit shy and somewhat introverted – but since he suffers from OCD, it’s all good. Even though he may seem like a loner, he has a genuine passion for togetherness and his loyalty to food and family is so great that they’ve even named a bun after him in his native country.


STEPHANIE ○ ステファニー

Stephanie works at La Pinkerie, an upscale lingerie shop situated close to PORKBUNS bakeshop. She is a j-addict into anime, manga and role playing games. Besides being heavily immersed in Japanese pop culture, she is also big on tea and likes to swing by PORKBUNS to check out the latest creations for baking ideas (one of her hobbies). Stephanie has a fondness for vintage glamour & fashion and can often be seen frequenting cosplay conventions with her pet fox, Akakitsune.

Diana & Jamin

DIANA & JAMIN ○ ダイアナ & ジェイミン

When news spread that PORKBUNS had gotten an arcade claw machine featuring rare collectable prizes, they were raided by fun seekers, Diana & Jamin. The two spent a fortune obtaining little pig trinkets called Chum Chums. As a very talented, yet struggling artist, Diana had resorted to dancing for bits to fund her toy addiction. Fortunately, to the relief of their church, her dancing consisted strictly of family friendly DDR sessions (and nosefluting during her wildly entertaining, online art streams).