PORKBUNS Bakery (Cloud 9, TENGOKU)

PORKBUNS© is a racy slice of life, food & art series that follows the lives of mismatched couple: love starved loser Kenji and snack hungry, voluptuous beauty Yuuka. Kenji works as a clerk at a small oriental bakeshop aptly named ‘PORKBUNS’, who’s business (and love life) has been flailing until the day a mysterious girl with an uncontrollable appetite visits the shop.

Kenji ❤ Yuuka


The series mainly detail the random mischief between the diverse cast of characters and the interesting yet wacky customers they encounter everyday. The topics span a wide variety of titillating themes such as food, love and friendship, mixed in with some tasteful …err butt jokes here and there. Porkbuns™ is not a series intended to break artistic ground or test your intellect. It’s simply a fun heartwarming project aimed to give you a small taste of international culture and put a smile on your face – just like the delicious buns that bear the same name.

Scenes From An Early Porkbuns™ Concept (1997)

The idea for Porkbuns™ originally started back in 1996 for some English writing assignments (aka PIGTALES and The Misadventures Of The Pathetic Loverboy) and is a lifelong work in progress which may explain the unsteady look of the early comics. The emphasis of the strips are on the personalities themselves, so hopefully the art is sufficient and won’t deter you from getting a laugh or two. The drawings will gradually improve down the line as hopefully readership and support continue to grow.

Early Porkbuns™ Logo (2004)

Perhaps if this series ever manages to take off, you’ll be able to visit a real life Porkbuns™ bakery – or at the very least have Porkbuns™ branded treats available in the grocery aisles of your local supermarket one day! But even if not, as the old saying goes, “the journey is often more rewarding than the destination“. So wherever we end up, won’t you be a PORKER and join Kenji, Yuuka and the rest of the gang in making this ride a little less lonely? Thanks for your patronage and Happy Snacking!!

Porkbuns™ Coming Soon To A Grocery Aisle Near You?


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